Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

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Ngorongoro Crater Lodge

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Are you looking for a magnificent view during your stay?

Probably your answer is yes. Ngorongoro Crater Lodge is referred to as “the game lodge at the top of the world” due to its incredible architecture and perfect location that provide chances for amazing landscape and wildlife viewing opportunities. Set inside the world’s largest intact caldera, the lodge was designated to blend the Natural flavors. The architectural colors warm with the surroundings hence making the lodge one of the most architecturally spectacular safari lodges in Africa.

Luxurious suites and spacious family suites ensure an intimate and exclusive experience during your stay. Every camp has its sitting and dining to ensure the perfect stay and a sense of privacy with private butlers who provide excellent, warm, and personalized services. Celebrate your meals with spectacular views of the surroundings and save great memories of your African experience.

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Nearby Activities

  • Safari Game drives
  • Cultural Visits
  • Walks and Hikes

Property Facilities/Amenities

A Craft/ Curio Shop
A Kart for Ferrying Luggage/Guests
Beautiful Wine Store
In-room Massage
Signature Shop
Swarovski Binoculars (complimentary)