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Kitulo National Park

Posted by Nature in Spirit Travel on May 10, 2022

Kitulo National Park

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  • About Kitulo
  • Interesting facts about Kitulo
  • Best Time to Visit Kitulo
  • Getting to Kitulo
  • Things to see in Kitulo
  • Things to do in Kitulo
  • Where to Stay in Kitulo
  • Weather & Climate

Welcome to Kitulo National Park in Tanzania!

About Kitulo National Park

Kitulo National Park is located in the southern part of Tanzania.  The alpine grasslands and montane forest that make up the park area are part of the Njombe and Mbeya regions.  It has affectionately been given the name, “Serengeti of Flowers,” with locals calling it the Garden of God.

The park is located at an altitude of 8,500 feet (2,600 m) and between the Kipengere, Livingstone and Poroto mountains.  The national park extends 159 square miles (412.9 sq km).

The Kitulo National Park was declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Tanzania on April 4, 2014.  Visitors and potential travelers should learn more about what makes the Kitulo National Park one of the Seven Wonders of Tanzania.

Famous for:

It’s floral species, it is said to contain over 30 species , botanists have always referred to this park as “ Serengeti of flowers.

Interesting Facts

The Magnificent Flora – “The Serengeti of Flowers”

  • Statistically speaking, Kitulo National Park is the first protected area in Africa to be declared a national park because of the flora.  It features 45 different species of terrestrial orchids along with over 350 species of vascular plant life.
  • Aesthetically speaking, Kitulo National Park earns the name, Serengeti of Flowers, during the months of November through April when the rainy season delivers a magnitude of spectacular wildflowers.  It is the most significant, as well as the largest, montane grasslands throughout Tanzania and most of Africa.  Kitulo gladly showcases over 30 species of endemic flowers of Tanzania.
  • The flora loving traveler will find Kitulo to be a haven for beautiful flowers.  Giat lobelias, aster daisies, proteas, geraniums, and the spectacular yellow-orange red-hot pokers.

Rare & Endemic Wildlife

  • The park also includes rare and endemic wildlife well such as the following:
  1. Endemic butterflies
  2. Endemic chameleons
  3. Endemic lizards
  4. Rare and endangered blue swallow
  5. Rare mountain marsh widow

Migrating Storks

  • It is only in Kitulo NP where migrating Storks rest while flying from Cape Town in South Africa to Northern Europe.

The Best Time For Kitulo

The visitors should plan to visit Kitulo during the months of December through April.  This is the rainy season for most of Tanzania, but it is the best time to visit Kitulo National Park for experiencing the abundance and array of flora.  This is also the best time to experience many of the birds that call Kitulo home or migrate there during the season.  The flowers peak during these months and create the most dramatic and colorful scenes.

The months from September through November are sunnier providing better weather.  Visitors will find the temperature and overall weather more comfortable, but will be disappointed in the display of limited flowers.

How to Get There

By flight

The park can be accessed from Mbeya town, 68 miles away via Chimala road and 55 miles from Songwe Airport. The park can only be reached by road.

Songwe airport is an airport in the southern highlands region of Tanzania serving the city of Mbeya and the nearby regions and domestic flights are provided by Air Tanzania, Precision air, Fast jet and Tropical air.

By car

Mbeya city to Kitulo is a distance of 43 miles and 2 hours driving time by car.

Things to See in Kitulo

  • Animals, such as chimpanzees, zebras, chameleons, lizards, kipunji monkeys, frogs, spiders as well as the Kipunji, Rungwe dwarf galago and Abbott’s duiker.
  • Lake nyasa
  • Kaporogwe falls
  • Uporoto, kiperenge and livingstone  ranges
  • Mpanga kiperenge game reserve,
  • Matema beach town
  • Lake ngosi, a thrilling crater lake in southern of tanzania.
  • Kitulo plateau nati
  • Nhumbe waterfalls

Things to Do

  • Game drive
  • Bird watching

Hiking & Climbing

  • Hiking,  Tourists can engage in hiking the montane grasslands that will expose you to various flower species, butterflies, chameleons, lizards, animals like elands and waterbucks. The whole montane grasslands provide an arena of a glorious view from the top; it’s also a unique place for the photogenic lovers to take as many photos as they want.
  • Mountain climbing, day hike on top of mouth rungwe and see primates like monkeys, kipunji monkey with a long  hong bark called Columbus monkeys, animals like Reed bucks and elands may also be seen at the mountain slopes. The mountain tops give more excellent views of the Kitulo national park.
  • Guided nature walks, to the livingstone forested area and come to lake nyasa shorelines.
  • Swimming

There are no accommodations inside the park, so you will need to plan to stay in nearby Mbeya, which offers a variety of guesthouses and luxury accommodations.

Mid range accommodation: Lena blumen lodge, Onesmo Sanga hotel, Zakayo lodge, Utengule coffee lodge

Luxury hotels: Mbeya hotel, Hotel Desderia, Banaki hotel, Mount Livingstone hotel, Royal Tughimbe hotel, The game inn hotel

Best weather from: May to October ( It’s the best time to visitKkitulo national park to experiencing the abundance and array of flora).

Worst weather: June to August.

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